Natural stone fireplace

Stone fireplaces

are a fantastic addition to any home, hotel, or patio. Fireplaces are made of a vast array of materials, though none are as majestic as those made of natural stone. Some of the more common stones used in making fireplaces include marble, slate, granite, limestone, travertine, and river rock.

Marble fireplaces

are sought after for their classic beauty and elegance. Marble can be carved into magnificent fireplace surrounds. Tiles can be used as well to create an elegant appearance.

Slate fireplaces

are popular for their durability and versatile appearance. Slate is resistant to cracking and fading under the pressure of heat. Its color and texture can mesh with anything from a luxurious environment to a rustic setting.

Granite fireplaces

are another opulent choice in natural stone fireplaces. Granite is hard and durable, yet has richly grained patterns. Using granite tiles is a popular way to surround a fireplace.

Limestone fireplaces

are a frequent choice in stone due to its abundance and workability. Limestone is found in a wide range of colors. It has become increasingly popular as a stone veneer for covering fireplaces.

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